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Have Kitchen Design do it, with roots in the furnishing business Kitchens remain our priority but not our limitation. Having been frequently asked over the years by our customers what we can do for their bedrooms and bathrooms we decided to work out a complete home & interior design service. It’s not a matter of what can we do for you it’s better asked “what do you want?” We have experience managing entire home refurnishing’s no task too big, from fitting and decorating to sourcing quality appliances, sorting out utilities, glazing and even remodelling the with movement of walls and space reallocation.


It is what we do!

It’s what we’re known for and we can build and design for you a beautiful classicmodern or bespoke kitchen. We don’t just transplant kitchen units from a box onto your walls and floors we can completely redesign the room. Many homes have connected dining areas today which we can carry on the design into making the look and feel of your new kitchen seamless. If you have been considering an extension let kitchen design take the stress out of the process, we can liaise with architects and our trusted builder contacts to achieve a high quality extension for you house. We will even sort out the planning permission for you. Plaster work needed? No problem, pipes, boiler and plumbing need working on? Leave it to us. We can tile walls and floors fitting under floor heating source branded appliances taking on responsibility for budget and timescales. We can even decorate including wall covering, curtains even down to the ornaments sitting on the shelf, whatever your thinking just ask!


Living Areas

Lounges, studies and conservatories as well as totally refurnishing these areas sourcing audio-visual systems for enjoyment and entertainment, we can help you breath new life into your home, gone are the days when a house was defined by a lounge, dining room and kitchen in the 21 century open plan is a popular method of creating a more social space especially where in typical British style space is a luxury. Opening out and relocating walls can bring space into the downstairs area of the house and with a good design team a beautiful bespoke living space can be achieved flowing or contrasting throughout the space.

If remodelling is something you have been considering do ask us for a consultation, we only work with tradesmen of the highest standard who we trust to work on our behalf, we can manage the project completely taking on all responsibility to achieve a living area that will take your breath away. Of course, remodelling isn’t for everyone if you are seeking more conventional redecoration services we can help you achieve the look and feel you are after.


Please enquire about what we can do for you in terms of bathrooms.

Everything Inbetween

If a total or partial home redesign is something you are looking for we can ensure everything is tied together beautifully, redecorating your halls and landings to reflect the work and design to help you realise the beauty of your new home.

If you want to know more or find out what we can do for you just give us a call or come visit us in our Heswall showroom today. We serve the Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales areas and would be delighted to help you realise your vision today!